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Other Names

Csejka Berry
Red Whortleberry

Lingonberry Facts

The binomial name for Lingonberry is Vaccinium vitis idaea. There are many other common names for Vaccinium vitis idaea, including Cowberry, Csejka Berry, Beaverberry, Cougarberry, Foxberry, Partridgeberry, Quailberry, Redberry, and Red Whortleberry. Vaccinium vitis idaea was also called Lowbush Cranberry and Mountain Cranberry but this use is discouraged to avoid confusion between the Cranberry and the Lingonberry. Vaccinium vitis idaea is sometimes called Mountain Bilberry, although Mountain Bilberry is generally considered Vaccinium membranaceum. In some areas Vaccinium vitis idaea will be called Bearberry, which is actually of the genus Arctostaphylos.

Lingonberry Farms

It may be possible to find any lingonberry farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Lingonberry Stories

'Hippen Goes Electric ... at the Lingonberry'
Composer Ben Hippen will present a special musical event Wednesday, June 28, at 7:30 p.m. at the Lingonberry in downtown Decorah at 218 West Water Street. The concert will feature Hippen's solo keyboard playing, synchronized live music notation, ... Decorah Journal [ story ]

Clayton Is the Only Place in the US Selling Grimfrost's Lingonberry Mead
Made with honey, lingonberries and pine shoots, it's described as a "rustic" mead. Despite being made primarily of honey, it's not as sweet as you might think. The pine shoots give it a bracing sting on the tongue, followed by the tartness of the ... Riverfront Times (blog) [ story ]

Lingonberries: More good news for this rising star in the “super” food market
Lingonberries are already popular in Scandinavian cuisine where they are used in sauces for chicken and pork, as well as in muffins and breads. Small, tart and slightly sweet, they are native to British Columbia, Manitoba, and Atlantic Canada and have ... [ story ]

Photo - Moonridge Farms - Beavercreek, Oregon
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