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Black Dogwood

Black Dogwood

Other Names

Alder Buckthorn
Breaking Buckthorn
Glossy Buckthorn

Black Dogwood Facts

Black Dogwood is another name for Alder Buckthorn. The binomial name for Alder Buckthorn is Frangula alnus. In the past Frangula alnus was classified as Rhamnus frangula, a subgenus of Rhamnus. Some of the more widespread Frangula species of Buckthorn include Frangula betulifolia, or Birchleaf Buckthorn, Frangula californica, or California Buckthorn, Frangula caroliniana, or Carolina Buckthorn, Frangula purshiana, or Cascara Buckthorn, Frangula rubra, or Red Buckthorn, and Frangula sphaerosperma, or West Indian Buckthorn. Buckthorns are known by many other common names, including Avignon Berry, Cascara Berry, and Coffeeberry.

Black Dogwood Farms

It may be possible to find any black dogwood farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Black Dogwood Stories

New Hampshire Law Takes Aim At Invasive Species
Non-native species like burning bush, glossy buckthorn, and multiflora rose account for about a third of all plants in the state. Scientists at UNH are now planning a formal assessment of those invasive species and how they affect the state's forests ... New Hampshire Public Radio [ story ]

Anoka County partners with nonprofit for conservation project
... Conservation Corps Minnesota, with whom the county contracts each year to assist with natural resource restoration and park maintenance related projects, will apply basal herbicide to non-native woody species that include common and glossy ... ABC Newspapers [ story ]

Rust Spots on buckthorn could mean trouble
Common buckthorn is an alternate host for the disease and provides a place for it to overwinter, allowing it to infect new crops in the next season. Those orange spots on the buckthorn leaves are a warning to wheat and oat growers that their crops ... ECM Post Review [ story ]

Photo - Leo Michels - Untereisesheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Other Species

Alderleaf Buckthorn
Avignon Buckthorn
Birchleaf Buckthorn
California Buckthorn
Carolina Buckthorn
Cascara Buckthorn
Chinese Buckthorn
Common Buckthorn
Dahurian Buckthorn
Dyers Buckthorn
Hollyleaf Redberry
Island Redberry Buckthorn
Italian Buckthorn
Japanese Buckthorn
Lanceleaf Buckthorn
Lokao Buckthorn
Red Buckthorn
Redberry Buckthorn
Sawleaf Buckthorn
Sharp Tooth Buckthorn
Shiny Leaf Buckthorn
Smiths Buckthorn
West Indian Buckthorn

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