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Breaking Buckthorn

Breaking Buckthorn

Other Names

Alder Buckthorn
Black Dogwood
Glossy Buckthorn

Breaking Buckthorn Facts

Breaking Buckthorn is another name for Alder Buckthorn. The binomial name for Alder Buckthorn is Rhamnus frangula. The binomial name for Alder Buckthorn is Frangula alnus. In the past Frangula alnus was classified as Rhamnus frangula, a subgenus of Rhamnus. Some of the more widespread Frangula species of Buckthorn include Frangula betulifolia, or Birchleaf Buckthorn, Frangula californica, or California Buckthorn, Frangula caroliniana, or Carolina Buckthorn, Frangula purshiana, or Cascara Buckthorn, Frangula rubra, or Red Buckthorn, and Frangula sphaerosperma, or West Indian Buckthorn. Buckthorns are known by many other common names, including Avignon Berry, Black Dogwood, and Coffeeberry.

Breaking Buckthorn Farms

It may be possible to find any breaking buckthorn farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Breaking Buckthorn Stories

This invader may be creeping into your timber
There's an attractive “spoiler” invading northern woodlots, timber, even pastures and wetlands — glossy buckthorn. This shrub was widely recommended for conservation plantings in the Midwest until its invasive tendencies became apparent, note Michigan ... American Agriculturist [ story ]

UNH gets grant to study economic impact of invasive plants
UNH has conducted extensive research on glossy buckthorn, including planting an orchard of the fast-growing shrub at UNHís Kingman Farm to determine the life history characteristics of invasive glossy buckthorn under controlled conditions, free from ... Foster's Daily Democrat [ story ]

UNH researchers receive grant to study invasive plants
Specifically, researchers plan to map risk of glossy buckthorn invasion in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts; estimate costs and benefits of available and new glossy buckthorn control strategies; conduct focus groups, surveys andexperiments among ... The Keene Sentinel [ story ]

Photo - Leo Michels - Untereisesheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Other Species

Alderleaf Buckthorn
Avignon Buckthorn
Birchleaf Buckthorn
California Buckthorn
Carolina Buckthorn
Cascara Buckthorn
Chinese Buckthorn
Common Buckthorn
Dahurian Buckthorn
Dyers Buckthorn
Hollyleaf Redberry
Island Redberry Buckthorn
Italian Buckthorn
Japanese Buckthorn
Lanceleaf Buckthorn
Lokao Buckthorn
Red Buckthorn
Redberry Buckthorn
Sawleaf Buckthorn
Sharp Tooth Buckthorn
Shiny Leaf Buckthorn
Smiths Buckthorn
West Indian Buckthorn

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