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Other Names

Wild Mountain Bilberry

Crowberry Facts

Crowberry is a common name for any of several species from the genus Empetrum. Some other common names for Crowberry are specific to a particular species of Empetrum, such as Black Crowberry for Empetrum nigrum, Mountain Crowberry for Empetrum hermaphroditum, Red Crowberry for Empetrum rubrum, and Purple Crowberry or Rockberry for Empetrum eamesii. Crowberry is sometimes called Wild Mountain Bilberry, not to be confused with Vaccinium membranaceum, generally known as Mountain Bilberry, or any of the other Vaccinium, or Bilberry, species.

Crowberry Farms

It may be possible to find any crowberry farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Crowberry Stories

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News Briefs for June 22, 2018
In addition to the whiskies, Hotaling & Co. will also add Corby's Ungava gin brand, which is made with rose hips, crowberry, and Labrador tea, among other botanicals, to its stable. •Champagne Bollinger, imported by Vintus, is set to release the 25th ... Shanken News Daily [ story ]

David Palombaro et al to Yvonne Fuller, Salt Springs Road, Youngstown, $31,000. 11018 Sharrott Road LTD to Kevin J. Fantone et al, Crowberry Drive, North Lima, $41,000. Bonnie K. Headland et al to Apurva Padquidri et al, Neff Court, Canfield, $290,000. Youngstown Vindicator [ story ]

Photo - Erwin Reinthaler - Destination East Greenland - Tasiilaq, Greenland

Selected Species

Black Crowberry
Mountain Crowberry
Purple Crowberry
Red Crowberry

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