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Olallie Blackberry

Olallie Blackberry

Other Names

Olallie Berry

Olallie Blackberry Facts

Olallie Blackberry is another name for Olallieberry. The Olallieberry is a cross between the Loganberry and the Youngberry. The Loganberry is a cross between the Blackberry and Raspberry, and the Youngberry is a cross between the Blackberry and Dewberry. Rubus hybrids are generally identified as Rubus hybr.*, since they lack an acceptable binomial name. Also called Olallie Berry.

Olallie Blackberry Farms

It may be possible to find any olallie blackberry farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Olallie Blackberry Stories

Olallieberry jam, fresh bread and summertime
The Olallieberry is a pedigreed hybrid of several different blackberries created in the 1930s at the USDA research center at Oregon State University and introduced in commerce in 1950. It was given the Chinook name "Olallie" which means berry. Although ... The Salinas Californian [ story ]

Olallieberry Festival dishes out yummy dishes, recipes
Many thanks to an immediate response from our readers to a request for guest contributors for this column. We begin with news of the winners of the baking contest at the first ever Olallieberry Festival, for which I was privileged with four others to ... The San Luis Obispo Tribune [ story ]

Home Plates: Olallieberry season is coming!
Are your canning jars and pie tins ready? The drought years meant piddly berry production. But surely, we can expect bumper crops this year. I can't wait to see what the winter and spring deluges have meant for our own West Coast olallieberry. The Mercury News [ story ]

Photo - Sweetman Nursery - Lakeside, Oregon
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