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Other Names

Heavenly Bamboo
Sacred Bamboo

Nandina Facts

The binomial name for Nandina is Nandina domestica. Other common names for Nandina domestica are Heavenly Bamboo, and Sacred Bamboo.

Nandina Farms

It may be possible to find any nandina farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Nandina Stories

The fall show, courtesy of talented trees
There are dozens of shrubs that do the same thing, including blueberries, barberries, smoke trees, burning bushes, heavenly bamboo (which keeps its leaves but turns red anyway), Spirea and many more. They come from all over the world for us to enjoy. Calaveras Enterprise [ story ]

Plant a garden for the birds
Nandina, known as heavenly bamboo, is a colorful but dangerous invasive that poisons birds with its cyanide-laced berries. Gardening for birds is best done with a dose of indolence. Leave those dead-heads on the plant; they'll feed the finches. Leave ... Redding Record Searchlight [ story ]

Three stunning gardens that will change the way you think about fall
The borrowed landscape of deciduous street trees creates a golden backdrop for Mintz's 1,500-square-foot garden, one filled with curvaceous hostas and hellebores and statuesque heavenly bamboo that resonate with the carefully sited sculpture among ... Washington Post [ story ]

Photo - David Rolston Landscape Architects - Dallas, Texas
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