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Other Names

Japanese Ardisia

Marlberry Facts

The binomial name for Marlberry is Ardisia japonica. Ardisia japonica is known by other common names, including Japanese Ardisia, and Maleberry. Other species of Ardisia include Ardisia crenata, or Coralberry, also called Spiceberry. There are many cultivars of Ardisia japonica, including Ardisia japonica 'Amanogawa', Ardisia japonica 'Chirimen', Ardisia japonica 'Crinkle', Ardisia japonica 'Hakuokan', Ardisia japonica 'Maruyama Sunago', Ardisia japonica 'Gifu Ghost', Ardisia japonica 'Miho no Matsu', and Ardisia japonica 'Rising Sun'.

Marlberry Farms

It may be possible to find any marlberry farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Marlberry Stories

Southern Belle Farm uses agri-tourism to grow
When the Christmas season arrives, Southern Belle sells Christmas trees and offers hay rides around the property. The next busiest time of year is spring, said Carter, when berry picking time arrives. Pick-your-own strawberries, black berries and blue ... newtoncitizen [ story ]

Parish Pump Uckfield
At the last Festival (Christmas Trees 2011) we had such fun with various groups from the village joining in that we should be delighted if you would join us and make it a village affair again. ... Here are five fascinating facts: A familiar, vigorous ... Sussex Express [ story ]

Wild Berry closing doors after nearly 60 years in business
Hazel Heath at her Alaska Wild Berry store in 1953. The Homer store's history spans nearly six decades after the mayor of Homer, Hazel Heath, and her husband Ken began making jams and jellies from local berries and selling them. The Heaths ran the ... Homer Tribune [ story ]

Photo - Monrovia - Azusa, California


Gifu Ghost
Maruyama Sunago
Miho no Matsu
Rising Sun

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