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Gooseberry Facts

Gooseberry bushes includes several species of Ribes, or Currant. Common names for these Gooseberry bushes are usually specific to a particular species of Ribes, such as Common Gooseberry for Ribes uva crispa, Hedge Gooseberry for Ribes alpestris, Prickly Gooseberry for Ribes cynosbati, Japanese Gooseberry for Ribes grossularioides, and North American Gooseberry for Ribes hirtellum. Some hybrids have been cultivated, such as Jostaberry, a hybrid between Ribes uva crispa, or Common Gooseberry and Ribes nigrum, or Black Currant. Gooseberry bushes from the Ribes genus are not at all to be confused with any of the species of Gooseberry Tree of the genus Phyllanthus, such as Phyllanthus acidus, commonly called Star Gooseberry, and Phyllanthus emblica, commonly called Indian Gooseberry, and Phyllanthus niruri, commonly called Chanca Piedra, to name a few.

Gooseberry Farms

It may be possible to find any gooseberry farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Gooseberry Stories

Gooseberry Island: The Mystery, the Military, the Magic
Greg is the author of Gooseberry Journal, a blog about the island, and is the administrator for a popular Gooseberry Page and Facebook Group called Westport's Gooseberry Island. Audience participation is welcomed. Suggested donation $5. Sponsored by ... [ story ]

Dining Wild: Gooseberries
Gooseberry pies are tart and delicious, but if you think gooseberries are only good in sugary desserts, you may want to expand your horizons. I didn't give gooseberries a second thought for years and just settled for gooseberry pie; however, their ... Jefferson City News Tribune [ story ]

Winners announced in 5K/10K event during Gooseberry Festival
Winners have been announced in the Gooseberry Festival 5k/10k run/walk Saturday in Trenton. 32-year old Roberto Garcia of Trenton was the fastest male finisher in the 5K with a time was 19 minutes 52 seconds. 13-year old Daya Allnut of Galt placed ... kttn [ story ]

Photo - Northern Bushcraft - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Selected Species

Black Gooseberry
Common Gooseberry
Hedge Gooseberry
Japanese Gooseberry
North American Gooseberry
Prickly Gooseberry
Whitestem Gooseberry

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