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Gardner Farms

3192 Hwy 42 S
Locust Grove, GA 30248

Blackberries, Blueberries

Gardner Farms is located in Locust Grove GA.

Gardner Farms Weather

Current ConditionsLocal Time is 6:57 am EST
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Temperature 63° F Sunrise 6:00 pm
Feels Like 64° F Sunset 6:00 pm
Barometer 30.12 W Wind 4 mph
Dewpoint 61° F Gusts none
Humidity 93% Visibility 10 miles
Reported at Atlanta, Peachtree City-Falcon Field, GA Jan 18 2017, 5:53 am EST

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Gardner Farms hardiness zone: 8

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News from Locust Grove Georgia

Ferms celebrate 70th anniversary
Grandchildren are Jesse Koorse (Shana), of Locust Grove, Ga., Julie Ramsdale (Alan), of Wichita, Kyrrha Martin, of San Anselmo, Calif., Jace Martin, of Oakland, Calif., Patrick Cox, of Liberty, Mo., Parker Johnson, of Olathe, and Brennan Johnson, ... Salina Journal (subscription) [ story ]

'Lucky' dog rescued after severe neglect; pet sitter investigated
Lucky was taken to Woodland Animal Hospital in Locust Grove, Ga., on Sunday at 1 p.m. Dr. Lexie Mahn says Lucky should make a full recovery and restore his weight and strength in about a month. Lucky, the vet continued, had to have been denied food for ... [ story ]

Locust Grove man appeals disorderly conduct charge to U.S. Supreme Court
McDONOUGH— A Locust Grove man is appealing his disorderly conduct conviction from the McDonough Municipal Court to the U.S. Supreme Court. According to a report filed by the McDonough Police Department, witnesses at Hire Dynamics said Arlanda ... Henry Herald [ story ]

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