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Aplin Farms

2729 N Co Rd 49
Dothan, AL 36305


Aplin Farms is located in Dothan AL. They welcome school tours.

Aplin Farms Weather

Current ConditionsLocal Time is 8:46 am CDT
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Temperature 80° F Sunrise 6:00 pm
Feels Like 85° F Sunset 6:00 pm
Barometer 30.03 W Wind 5 mph
Dewpoint 75° F Gusts none
Humidity 87% Visibility 10 miles
Reported at Dothan, Dothan Regional Airport, AL Aug 23 2017, 7:53 am CDT

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Aplin Farms hardiness zones: 8 - 9

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News from Dothan Alabama

Arrests made in field party shooting case
DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) Two suspects have been arrested for a shooting at a field party near Hartford that left a Covington County teenager seriously wounded. WTVY, Dothan [ story ]

Shots ring out in Dothan
A man who may have been targeted in a Wednesday morning robbery apparently fired gunshots at the man who held him up in a busy shopping area of Dothan. “Our first indication is that the victim may have been the person who fired the shots,” Police Chief ... WTVY, Dothan [ story ]

Locals travel to path of total solar eclipse
Like many of her neighbors in Highlands, North Carolina, Sheila Gallira Bryson is expecting out-of-town company for the eclipse. The Dothan native said she's heard estimates that put the number of expected visitors for the eclipse from 10,000 to 30,000. Dothan Eagle [ story ]

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