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Blueberry Ridge

3382 River Rd
North Troy, VT 05859


Blueberry Ridge is located in North Troy VT.

Blueberry Ridge Weather

Current ConditionsLocal Time is 1:26 am EDT
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Temperature 52° F Sunrise 6:00 pm
Feels Like 49° F Sunset 6:00 pm
Barometer 30.09 S Wind 9 mph
Dewpoint 34° F Gusts none
Humidity 50% Visibility 10 miles
Reported at Morrisville-Stowe State Airport, VT Oct 18 2017, 12:54 am EDT

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Blueberry Ridge hardiness zones: 4 - 5

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News from North Troy Vermont

Shmaltz Brewing Collaborates with Vermont's WEQX to Produce 'Independent Ale'
CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. — Shmaltz Brewing's latest collaboration beer is ready to rock music fans and beer lovers alike as they team up with Vermont based radio station 102.7 WEQX for the brewing of Independent Ale® (5.18% ABV). Honoring the tradition of ... [ story ]

State seeks ways to boost rural economy
Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Bobby Starr of North Troy said the committee is traveling around Vermont listening to ideas about how to improve the rural economy. “It's important for us to hear what you folks would like us to do,” he said. “Believe ... Barton Chronicle [ story ]

Woman Found Guilty Again In Double Fatal Accident
5, 2012 when her vehicle struck the vehicle of Art, 81, and Peggy, 75, Moran on Route 105 in North Troy. They were on their way home from ... In September 2015, she appealed her case to the Vermont Supreme Court. In September 2017 the high court ... Caledonian Record [ story ]

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