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Wild Spikenard

Wild Spikenard

Other Names

False Solomons Seal
False Spikenard
Solomons Plume

Wild Spikenard Facts

Wild Spikenard is another name for False Solomons Seal. The binomial name for False Solomons Seal is Maianthemum racemosum, but also Smilacina racemosa and Vagnera racemosa used as synonyms. Other common names include False Spikenard, Scurvyberry, Solomons Plume, and Treacleberry.

Wild Spikenard Farms

It may be possible to find any wild spikenard farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Wild Spikenard Stories

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On a night when Ravenhill paid tribute to Nevin Spence, who died a year ago in a farm tragedy along with his father Noel and brother Graham, the home side wasted a glorious opportunity to seal a game which they led 12-6 at half-time. Instead Gregor ... [ story ]

Time capsule's contents offer peek at SLO lodge's past
Also inside were three small bottles containing wine, oil and corn — a symbolic gesture to reflect Masonic history and its connection to King Solomon. Masonic lodges, or temples, are built to symbolize King Solomon's Temple from the Bible. Corn (used ... The San Luis Obispo Tribune [ story ]

SVSU grad, author JL Hickey launches Kickstarter fundraiser as he finishes ...
While Hickey says he is ahead of schedule with writing "The Secret Seekers Society and Solomon's Seal," he is asking for help with the later stages of the novel's production. In total, Hickey hopes to release six books in the series revolving around a ... Bay City Times [ story ]

Photo - Oakland Nursery - Columbus, Ohio
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