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Western Trumpet Honeysuckle

Western Trumpet Honeysuckle

Other Names

Orange Honeysuckle

Western Trumpet Honeysuckle Facts

Western Trumpet Honeysuckle is another name for Orange Honeysuckle. The binomial for Orange Honeysuckle is Lonicera ciliosa.

Western Trumpet Honeysuckle Farms

It may be possible to find any western trumpet honeysuckle farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Western Trumpet Honeysuckle Stories

Greedy Goats return to Wilson Park to clear honeysuckle and other invasive plants
The fence will display cautionary signage and be surrounded by a secondary orange construction fence as an additional safety buffer, according to a city news release. The Parks and Recreation Department's partnership with Greedy Goats is one of several ... Fayetteville Flyer [ story ]

NJ's Scott Kelly lands in West Orange Tuesday
"My earliest memories are of the warm summer nights when my mother tried to settle Mark and me to sleep in our house on Mitchell Street in West Orange, New Jersey. It would still be light outside, and with the windows open, the smell of honeysuckle ... [ story ]

Sometimes, it's honeysuckle growing along the bank, or whatever wildflowers happen to be in season. This time of year, I might retrieve a few ears of corn knocked down along the edges of the field when the chopper went ... The precocious falling leaves ... Lancaster Farming [ story ]

Photo - Mary's Plant Farm - Hamilton, Ohio
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