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Other Names

Chaparral Berry

Silverleaf Facts

Silverleaf is another name for Buffaloberry. Buffaloberry is any of three species in the genus Shepherdia, Shepherdia argentea or Silver Buffaloberry, Shepherdia canadensis or Canada Buffaloberry, and Shepherdia rotundifolia or Round Leaf Buffaloberry. Buffaloberry is known by several other common names, including Bullberry, Chaparral Berry, Rabbitberry, Soapberry, and Soopolallie.

Silverleaf Farms

It may be possible to find any silverleaf farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Silverleaf Stories

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Bear warning issued south of Bow River in Canmore
“There's quite a bit of buffalo berry on the south side, which is bringing in bears and we anticipate more coming in,” he said.“There's quite a bit of human use in the area as well, so we want to give people the head's up and help reduce the risk.” The ... Rocky Mountain Outlook [ story ]

Park Profile: Openlands Lakeshore Preserve–For Those Seeking Topography
That division is known for bluffs and ravines unlike any other division in the region. Buffalo Berry, Shepherdia canadensis, native. Photo by Matthew Bucher. Part of what makes this region unique is that with this topography comes the creation of ... [ story ]

Photo - Bear Smart Durango - Durango, Colorado
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