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Scandinavian Cotoneaster

Scandinavian Cotoneaster

Scandinavian Cotoneaster Facts

The binomial name for Scandinavian Cotoneaster is Cotoneaster scandinavicus. Scandinavian Cotoneaster is closely related to Common Cotoneaster, Cotoneaster integerrimus, and is also related to Wild Cotoneaster, Cotoneaster cambricus. It is one of hundreds of species of the genus Cotoneaster.

Scandinavian Cotoneaster Farms

It may be possible to find any scandinavian cotoneaster farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Scandinavian Cotoneaster Stories

Cotoneaster berries are listed as poisonous to pets and humans; eating large quantities can cause weakness, seizures, and difficulty in breathing. Holly berries, which birds also eat, are also toxic to humans; they are less so, according to botanists ... Waterbury Republican American (blog) [ story ]

Quel est ce liquide blanc sur le tronc d'un cotoneaster?
Votre Cotoneaster est très certainement atteint du pourridié, dû au champignon du sol Armillaria mellea, communément appelé armillaire couleur de miel. Ce parasite peut détruire les individus atteints de façon irréversible et contaminer les arbres ... Le Figaro [ story ]

Add a bird Big Mac to garden menu
After writing about cotoneaster berries, the “rice cakes” of the bird world that winter birds eat only if nothing else is available, I'd like to look at “birdscaping” and some plants that birds will actually enjoy. Birdscaping is a new word coined to ... Waterbury Republican American (blog) [ story ]

Photo - Norman Hagen - Norwegian Botanical Association - Oslo, Norway

Other Species

Common Cotoneaster
Silverleaf Cotoneaster
Wall Cotoneaster

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