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Red Ink Plant

Red Ink Plant

Other Names

American Nightshade
American Pokeweed
Cancer Jalap
Pigeon Berry
Virginia Poke

Red Ink Plant Facts

Red Ink Plant is another name for Pokeweed. The binomial for Pokeweed is Phytolacca americana. Pokeweed is called by many other common names.

Red Ink Plant Farms

It may be possible to find any red ink plant farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Red Ink Plant Stories

Invasive pokeweed: Remove toxic plant carefully
Why is pokeweed bad? Birds often eat the berries and carry the seeds to new locations, including natural areas. Left unmanaged, pokeweed can form dense patches and overwhelm native plants and trees. This damages the region's natural areas and parks, ... The Oregonian - [ story ]

Pokeweed shows potential for myriad uses
And beyond not having retained key passages from the song that actually refer to the plant, there is the inappropriateness of using the word “salad” in connection with pokeweed in late summer. Beyond its first appearance in the spring, there is no part ... Columbia Daily Tribune [ story ]

A whole lot about pokeweed
According to, pokeweed is edible and has been eaten for quite some time, particularly in the Southern United States, where cans of Allen's Poke Salet Greens were sold until the spring of 2000 (apparently, there were not enough people ... Chico News & Review [ story ]

Photo - Garry Kessler in Nature Notes - The Westborough News - Westborough, Massachussetts
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