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Other Names


Pyracantha Facts

Pyracantha is the Genus of several species commonly known as Firethorn, also commonly known as simply Pyracantha. Some other common names for Firethorn are specific to a particular species of Pyracantha, such as Chinese Firethorn for Pyracantha fortuneana, Formosa Firethorn for Pyracantha koidzumii, Giggs Firethorn for Pyracantha atalantioides, Nepalese Firethorn for Pyracantha crenulata, Narrowleaf Firethorn for Pyracantha angustifolia, and Scarlet Firethorn for Pyracantha coccinea.

Pyracantha Farms

It may be possible to find any pyracantha farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Pyracantha Stories

Garden Jewels around R Street in Eureka
Lois continues to maintain the sweeping profusion of color outside the front fence with heathers, rhododendrons (especially those with variegated yellow and green leaves), pyracantha, cypress, gray spruce, junipers and maroon maples. The flowering ... Times-Standard [ story ]

Autumn fruits now burst with colour
The colourful fruits of ornamental cotoneaster and pyracantha bushes will come into their own as food sources later in the season. Among the longest lasting fruits are those of the holly. Plenty of bushes however stay 'berry'-less year after year ... This Is Sussex [ story ]

Extension: Scab blackens berries on pyracantha bush
Answer: Pyracantha is sometimes affected by a disease know as pyracantha scab. The leaves get brown spots, and some may turn yellow and drop off too early. When the fruit forms, the disease will spread to the berries, turn black and shrivel. Once the ... Winston-Salem Journal [ story ]

Photo - Steve Flanagan - Medicinal and Edible Plants

Selected Species

Chinese Firethorn
Formosa Firethorn
Giggs Firethorn
Narrowleaf Firethorn
Nepalese Firethorn
Scarlet Firethorn

Other Species

Pyracantha crenatoserrata
Pyracantha rogersiana

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