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Purple Chokeberry

Purple Chokeberry

Purple Chokeberry Facts

The binomial name for Purple Chokeberry is Aronia prunifolia. Chokeberry is often mistakenly called Chokecherry, which is Prunus virginiana. Other species of Chokeberry are Aronia melanocarpa, or Black Chokeberry, and Aronia arbutifolia, or Red Chokeberry.

Purple Chokeberry Farms

It may be possible to find any purple chokeberry farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Purple Chokeberry Stories

Fragrance and Fruit: Shrubs, trees provide berries, aromas in fall
Callicarpa is more commonly called beautyberry — and is perhaps the most unique fall fruiting shrub, as it graces the garden with purple berries September and October. Callicarpa americana is the native variety, and becomes a pillow of purple, as ... Winston-Salem Journal [ story ]

Add Fall & Winter Interest to the Yard & Garden
Aronia, or chokeberry, is another choice for flowers in the spring, followed by fruit and fall foliage. Red twigged dogwoods also provide winter ... Foliage shade can range from bluish green, silver green to purple. Varieties to consider include ... The Keene Sentinel [ story ]

Spotted wing Drosophila: A serious pest for the home gardener ...
This invasive fly, spotted wing Drosophila, can infest and destroy fruits of many plants in home gardens and landscapes. Michigan State University Extension [ story ]

Photo - Michael Kesl - Project BioLib - Czech Republic

Other Species

Black Chokeberry
Red Chokeberry

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