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Pagoda Dogwood

Pagoda Dogwood

Other Names

Alternate Leaf Dogwood

Pagoda Dogwood Facts

The binomial name for Pagoda Dogwood is Cornus alternifolia. Also known as Alternate Leaf Dogwood.

Pagoda Dogwood Farms

It may be possible to find any pagoda dogwood farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Pagoda Dogwood Stories

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Photos: Appomattox tops Gretna for Dogwood District supremacy
Appomattox fans cheer during the game between Gretna and Appomattox on October 19, 2018. (Photo by Taylor Irby/The News & Advance). Taylor Irby/The News & Advance. LNA 10202018 Gretna Vs Appommattox 07.JPG. LNA 10202018 Gretna Vs ... Lynchburg News and Advance [ story ]

Gretna and Appomattox set for Dogwood District showdown | High ...
It's difficult to predict whether Friday's Dogwood District showdown between Gretna and Appomattox will be an offensive barrage or a clamped-down defensive ... Lynchburg News and Advance [ story ]

Photo - Jeffrey Pippen - Duke University - Durham, North Carolina
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