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Oregon Grape

Oregon Grape

Oregon Grape Plants

Oregon grape plants are evergreen shrubs related to the barberry. Oregon grapes are not true grapes, but have clusters of berries that look like grapes. Oregon grape plants are resistant to summer drought, tolerate poor soils, and do not create excessive leaf litter. There are several cultivated varieties of Oregon Grape.

Grow Oregon Grape

Oregon grape usually grows well in zones 4 to 8. Oregon grape grow better in the shade in hot climates, and benefit from good protection from winter wind in colder areas. Oregon grape spreads by suckers.

Oregon Grape Uses

Oregon grape is used in gardens and natural landscaping similarly to barberry. Oregon grape berries are very tart, but used to make jellies and jams with the addition of a lot of sweetener. Oregon grape stems and roots are used to make a yellow dye, and the berries are used to make a purple dye.

Oregon Grape Facts

There are several species of Oregon Grape: Mahonia aquifolium is known as Tall Oregon Grape, Mahonia nervosa is known as Cascade, Low, or Dwarf Oregon Grape, and Mahonia repens is known as Creeping Oregon Grape.

Oregon Grape Farms

It may be possible to find any oregon grape farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Oregon Grape Stories

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Oregon grape thieves spark wrath of rangers
The thought of someone stealing the Oregon grape - the state flower, which bears purple berries that look like small grapes - might seem silly. But the thefts do happen to the ire of watershed restorers, park rangers and police. Over the past year, the ... Lewiston Morning Tribune [ story ]

Grabbing Oregon grape: Thieves target state flower, frustrating restoration groups and law enforcers
DORENA — Shovels in hand, a group of 15 middle school-aged kids from Dorena School took time out of their morning recently to plant Oregon grape at a nearby park. The kids dug deep enough to give the plants' roots a firm footing and pulled up rocks to ... The Register-Guard [ story ]

Photo - Valley Growers Nursery - Hubbard, Oregon
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