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Mulberry Facts

Mulberry bushes are actually several species of trees from the genus Morus. Common names for Mulberry trees are usually specific to a particular species of Morus. Some common names follow the color, such as Black Mulberry for Morus nigra, Red Mulberry for Morus rubra, and White Mulberry for Morus alba. Some common names follow the native location, such as African Mulberry for Morus mesozygia, Chinese Mulberry for Morus australis, and Texas Mulberry for Morus microphylla. Morus trees are not to be confused with the closely related genus Broussonetia, also known as Mulberry, such as Broussonetia papyrifera, or Paper Mulberry.

Mulberry Farms

It may be possible to find any mulberry farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Mulberry Stories

Let's eat: Mulberry Clafoutis
It's the hulking mulberry tree dangling over his porch and driveway that's got him so worried — He was sure the long-hanging fruit was poisonous. “You bet. And you're crazy if you don't, too,” I reply. Both of us are in luck: Even though the pavement ... Pittsburgh Post-Gazette [ story ]

5 reasons why you should eat mulberries
There are four varieties of this delicious fruit: black (morus nigra), red (morus rubra), white (morus alba) and Chinese mulberry (morus australis), each as nutritious and delicious as the other. Here are five good reasons why you should include ... TheHealthSite [ story ]

How a former drug addict helped transform Afghanistan's heroin ...
A former drug addict has helped transform Afghanistan's notorious heroin fields into fruit farms – and created a new energy bar in the process. James Brett, 47 ... The London Economic [ story ]

Photo - Just Fruits And Exotics - Medart, Florida

Selected Species

Black Mulberry
Red Mulberry
White Mulberry
African Mulberry
Chinese Mulberry
Texas Mulberry

Other Species

Morus atropurpurea
Morus bombycis
Morus cathayana
Morus celtidifolia
Morus indica
Morus insignis
Morus japonica
Morus kagayamae
Morus laevigata
Morus latifolia
Morus liboensis
Morus macroura
Morus mongolica
Morus multicaulis
Morus notabilis
Morus rotundiloba
Morus serrata
Morus tillaefolia
Morus trilobata
Morus wittiorum

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