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Other Names

Marion Blackberry

Marionberry Facts

The Marionberry cultivar, Rubus x 'Marion', is a USDA created cross between Ollalieberry, Rubus ursinus, and Chehalem Blackberry, Rubus x armeniaus. Both of those are hybrids as well, produced from crossing Raspberry with Blackberry, and Blackberry with Dewberry. Also known as Marion Blackberry.

Marionberry Farms

It may be possible to find any marionberry farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Marionberry Stories

Columbia Empire Farms Offers Marionberry Treats for the Holidays
The holidays are approaching, and Columbia Empire Farms, one of Oregon's premier marionberry growers, invites you to include Oregon's signature berry in your holiday entertaining and gift giving. Columbia Empire Farms offers a wide range of marionberry ... Yahoo Finance UK [ story ]

Take a look inside the new Oregon City Brewing Company taproom and brewing ...
Their roster also includes five other brews, including the Flood Water Pale Ale -- a nod to the brewery's location in the historic floodplain -- and a Marionberry Ale that is more subtle than sweet. Their beers join about 40 others in the bright ... [ story ]

Our Favorite Marionberry Foods In and Around Portland
Begin the day at the cheerily domestic Hawthorne Street Cafe, which serves stolidly thick and hearty wheat cakes—a bit dry, perhaps—with huge chunks of marionberry inside, almost like a flattened marionberry muffin with syrup on top. But, alas, even ... Willamette Week [ story ]

Photo - Carol Cole Foodstyling - San Francisco, California
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