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Hens Eyes

Hens Eyes

Other Names

Christmas Berry
Coral Ardisia
Coral Bush
Coralberry Tree

Hens Eyes Facts

Hens Eyes is another name for Coralberry. The binomial name for Coralberry is Ardisia crenata. Also known by many other common names, including Coral Bush, Coralberry Tree, Spiceberry, Coral Ardisia, and Christmas Berry. Ardisia crenata is sometimes called Redberry, but this is not to be confused with Vaccinium vitis idaea, which is also called Redberry, but more prominently known as Lingonberry.

Hens Eyes Farms

It may be possible to find any hens eyes farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Hens Eyes Stories

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Create a winter wonderland indoors with plants
Coralberry. The coralberry plant, also known as “Christmas berry,” is a great addition to any holiday decorations, as it produces bright red berries that last long past Christmas time. This plant loves bright light, although direct sunlight is harmful ... Online Athens [ story ]

A little pink beauty for winter
During summer, the coralberry is an inconspicuous little bush with drooping limbs. Opposing oval-shaped leaves cascade down the limbs, and clusters of small flowers bloom on the undersides of the limbs out of sight of the casual passerby. Autumn finds ... Southeast Missourian [ story ]

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