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Florida Blackberry

Florida Blackberry

Other Names

Sawtooth Blackberry

Florida Blackberry Facts

Florida Blackberry is another name for Sawtooth Blackberry. The binomial name for Sawtooth Blackberry is Rubus argutus. There are several other popular Blackberry species, including Rubus fruticosus, or Common Blackberry, Rubus ulmifolius, or Thornless Blackberry, and Rubus ursinus, or Trailing Blackberry.

Florida Blackberry Farms

It may be possible to find any florida blackberry farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Florida Blackberry Stories

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Master Gardeners' Journal: Please don't eat the berries
Nightshade and pokeweed are two poisonous “weeds” that can be found in gardens. Of the two, nightshade is the more dangerous. Its toxins (atropine and solanine) cause delirium, hallucinations, slowed breathing, paralysis and death — just two berries ... Burlington County Times [ story ]

Pest Patrol: Can I feed eastern black nightshade berries to my beef cows?
In 2015 an oat sample was sent to me that contained dried-up eastern black nightshade berries at one per cent of total sample weight (Figure 1 below and Figure 2 at top). Previous reports have indicated that dried berries of black nightshade do not ... Country Guide [ story ]

Photo - Harry Cliffe - Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center - University of Texas - Austin, Texas

Other Species

Common Blackberry
Thornless Blackberry
Trailing Blackberry

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