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European Cornel

European Cornel

Other Names

Cornelian Cherry

European Cornel Facts

The binomial name for European Cornel is Cornus mas, one of several species of shrubs or small trees of the genus Cornus, or Cornel, including Cornus chinensis, commonly called Chinese Cornel, Cornus officinalis, commonly called Japanese Cornel, and Cornus sessilis, commonly called Blackfruit Cornel. Cornus mas is also sometimes called Cornelian Cherry. Other subgenera of Cornus are commonly known as Dogwood, of which there are many species.

Dwarf Cornel, also called Bunchberry, includes two other Cornus species: Cornus canadensis, or Canadian Bunchberry, also called Canadian Dwarf Cornel, and Cornus suecica, or Eurasian Bunchberry, also called Eurasian Dwarf Cornel. Other common Bunchberry names include Eastern Bunchberry, and Northern Bunchberry.

European Cornel Farms

It may be possible to find any european cornel farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

European Cornel Stories

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The whole key to growing American dogwood is site: They need air circulation and light; I recommend an eastern exposure for morning sunlight and afternoon shade. They like ... I've also seen it grow in deep shade in the woods, but it won't get berries ... Newsday [ story ]

With the help of Portland's Resilience Hub, a new gardener anxiously makes a plan
Among the many items she suggested I plant that either I'd barely heard of or had no idea I could eat or drink were kousa dogwood, schisandra, hosta shoots, sea kale and aronia berries. At one point, to my own embarrassment, I actually heard myself ... Press Herald [ story ]

Dogwood is a tree for all seasons
Flowering dogwood prefers a more acidic soil versus alkali and is rated for Zones 5 to 9. Like most flowering trees, the dogwood only blooms for two to three weeks in the early spring. Following the flowers, small bright red berries appear, maturing in ... Kearney Hub [ story ]

Photo - Missouri Botanical Garden - St. Louis, Missouri

Other Cornel Species

Blackfruit Cornel
Chinese Cornel
Cornelian Cherry
Japanese Cornel

Dwarf Cornel Species

Canadian Dwarf Cornel
Eurasian Dwarf Cornel

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