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European Cornel

European Cornel

Other Names

Cornelian Cherry

European Cornel Facts

The binomial name for European Cornel is Cornus mas, one of several species of shrubs or small trees of the genus Cornus, or Cornel, including Cornus chinensis, commonly called Chinese Cornel, Cornus officinalis, commonly called Japanese Cornel, and Cornus sessilis, commonly called Blackfruit Cornel. Cornus mas is also sometimes called Cornelian Cherry. Other subgenera of Cornus are commonly known as Dogwood, of which there are many species.

Dwarf Cornel, also called Bunchberry, includes two other Cornus species: Cornus canadensis, or Canadian Bunchberry, also called Canadian Dwarf Cornel, and Cornus suecica, or Eurasian Bunchberry, also called Eurasian Dwarf Cornel. Other common Bunchberry names include Eastern Bunchberry, and Northern Bunchberry.

European Cornel Farms

It may be possible to find any european cornel farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

European Cornel Stories

Healthy outlook for Minnesota bear hunt
Garshelis said the abundance of dogwood berries, blackberries, hazelnuts and other foods appears to be good. But he said those foods seem to have peaked early and may be on the decline now, which could bode well for hunters. Dennis Udovich, a bear ... Duluth News Tribune [ story ]

Allure of 'soft serve' in late summer
Foliar flags in plants like Virginia creeper, wild grape, poison ivy, sumac, dogwood, sassafras and viburnum all announce their colorful presence to birds while other plants have leaves that are still green. ... So, how many berries can a single bird eat? Cape Cod Times (subscription) [ story ]

OUTDOORS: Hunting season opens Saturday
Break out the shotguns, .22 rifles and the bug spray. The 2016-17 hunting season will officially begin Saturday morning with the opening of the squirrel season ... Clarksville Leaf Chronicle [ story ]

Photo - Missouri Botanical Garden - St. Louis, Missouri

Other Cornel Species

Blackfruit Cornel
Chinese Cornel
Cornelian Cherry
Japanese Cornel

Dwarf Cornel Species

Canadian Dwarf Cornel
Eurasian Dwarf Cornel

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