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Elmleaf Blackberry

Elmleaf Blackberry

Other Names

Thornless Blackberry

Elmleaf Blackberry Facts

Elmleaf Blackberry is another name for Thornless Blackberry. The binomial name for Thornless Blackberry is Rubus ulmifolius. Also known as Zarzamora. Other popular species of Blackberry include Rubus fruticosus, or Common Blackberry, Rubus argutus, or Sawtooth Blackberry, and Rubus ursinus, or Trailing Blackberry.

Elmleaf Blackberry Farms

It may be possible to find any elmleaf blackberry farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Elmleaf Blackberry Stories

Gardening: Late summer sun brings an explosion of colour
The Oregon Thornless blackberries are cropping prolifically, winding across two fence panels on long, dramatic arching canes. I have left these alone so far, but this year after cropping I plan to cut them back. The hot sunshine has suited the ... Reading Post [ story ]

Report highlights export potential for Chilean strawberries, blackberries
The development of thornless varieties was emphasized as important for Chile as it leads to an easier harvest, and this convenience can be combined with the blackberry's nutritional value that makes it a superfruit. · Tweet this! Fresh Fruit Portal [ story ]

Well-bred blackberries
My wife and I love blackberries. Among the things we left behind earlier this summer when we moved from our home and extensive gardens in northwest Arkansas were large plantings of domesticated thornless blackberries, the vines laden with huge red ... NWAOnline (subscription) [ story ]

Photo - Pasquale Buonpane - Flora Matese - Piedimonte Matese, Caserta, Italy

Other Species

Common Blackberry
Sawtooth Blackberry
Trailing Blackberry

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