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Diddle Dee

Diddle Dee

Other Names

Red Crowberry

Diddle Dee Facts

Diddle Dee is another name for Red Crowberry. The binomial name for Red Crowberry is Empetrum rubrum, and is one of several species from the genus Empetrum, commonly known as Crowberry. Some other common names for Crowberry are specific to a particular species of Empetrum, such as Black Crowberry for Empetrum nigrum, Mountain Crowberry for Empetrum hermaphroditum, and Purple Crowberry or Rockberry for Empetrum eamesii.

Diddle Dee Farms

It may be possible to find any diddle dee farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Diddle Dee Stories

Mixed outcomes for plants and animals in warmer 2080s climate
The most vulnerable species were northern and upland species, including birds like the dotterel and red grouse, flowering plants such as crowberry, and damp-loving mosses and liverworts. At the opposite end of the scale, wasps, bees, ants and many ... Science Daily [ story ]

Fjögurra milljarða sjóður sem fjárfestir í íslenskri nýsköpun
Crowberry I slhf​ sjóðurinn hefur formlega verið stofnaður, og er stærð hans um fjórir milljarðar króna. Þetta kemur fram í tilkynningu en sjóðurinn var formlega stofnaður 7. júlí. Crowberry I slhf er samlagshlutafélag sem mun fjárfesta í ungum tækni- og ... Kjarninn (Fréttatilkynning) [ story ]

Man Convicted Of Brewing Crowberry Wine
A man in his sixties was sentenced to pay almost 900,000 ISK in fines and legal fees after being convicted of homebrewing some 95 litres of crowberry wine. The court did not believe the man's contentions that he was simply storing crowberry juice that ... Reykjavík Grapevine [ story ]

Photo - John Birks - Dept of Biology - University of Bergen - Nigard, Norway

Other Species

Black Crowberry
Mountain Crowberry
Purple Crowberry

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