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Other Names


Cloudberry Plants

Cloudberries can grow in many different climates. They can grow in swampy areas, in plains, by the sea, and even in the arctic on mountains! Cloudberry plants grow mainly in mountainous areas.

Grow Cloudberries

Cloudberry plants grow hardy in the cooler zone 2, but needs full sun. Cloudberry plants prefer growing in well drained, moist acid soil. A native to the Northern Hemisphere you can find the fruit baring Cloudberry plant.

Cloudberry Uses

Cloudberries are very high in vitamin C and are often made into jams and juices. Cloudberry fruit is a golden-yellow when ripe. The fruit is tart, so is often combined with sugar and cream for delicious condiments and deserts of cloudberries.

Cloudberry Facts

The binomial name for Cloudberry is Rubus chamaemorus. Cloudberry is usually called Bakeapple in Canada and Knotberry or Knoutberry in England, and Averin or Evron in Scotland. Fruit production by a female cloudberry plant requires pollination from a male cloudberry plant. The cloudberry plant can withstand cold temperatures well below -40C.

Cloudberry Farms

It may be possible to find any cloudberry farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Cloudberry Stories

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... such as the Pacific water shrew, bonsai forests of shore pine, carnivorous sundews, shrubs heavy with both native and non-native berries, and species of plants such as the crowberry, cloudberry and bog rosemary normally found at more northerly ... Vancouver Sun [ story ]

Alaska Berries Provide Important Nutrients, More So Than Lower 48
When you talk about nutrients you're talking about things that we know are essential for human life. Berries are rich sources of Vitamin C. Cloudberries are a very rich source of Vitamin C, berries in general are going to provide some potassium , trace ... KDLG [ story ]

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Photo - Lapland Food - Lohtaja, Finland
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