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Climbing Spindleberry

Climbing Spindleberry

Other Names

Asian Bittersweet
Asiatic Bittersweet
Chinese Bittersweet
Oriental Bittersweet
Round Leaved Bittersweet

Climbing Spindleberry Facts

Climbing Spindleberry is another name for Oriental Bittersweet. The binomial name for Oriental Bittersweet is Celastrus orbiculatus. Also known as Asian Bittersweet, Asiatic Bittersweet, Chinese Bittersweet, and Round Leaved Bittersweet.

Climbing Spindleberry Farms

It may be possible to find any climbing spindleberry farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Climbing Spindleberry Stories

Lexington resident earns Girl Scout Gold Award
Winters created a video and made posters about oriental bittersweet for the local library in order to raise community awareness about this plant that can kill trees. She also hosted an event at a local farm to educate community members about the ... Wicked Local Lexington [ story ]

Christina Hassett stewards Little Chebeague Island for the Maine Island Trail Association
Like the Oriental bittersweet, an invasive species that rampages over the island. “The island is basically covered in this stuff,” she said. “It is kind of like a jungle.” The Maine Island Trail Association has no expectation of getting rid of it all ... Press Herald [ story ]

Love summer weather? So does poison ivy | Environment ...
Even a fleeting brush with poison ivy can lead to disaster down the line. Once oils from the plant touch the skin, they can easily be transferred to other parts. Frederick News Post (subscription) [ story ]

Photo - Boyd Nursery - McMinnville, Tennessee

Other Species

American Bittersweet

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