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California Black Currant

California Black Currant

California Black Currant Facts

California Black Currant is another name for Blue Currant. The binomial name for Blue Currant is Ribes bracteosum. Also known by other common names, including Greyberry, Skunk Currant, and Stink Currant.

California Black Currant Farms

It may be possible to find any california black currant farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

California Black Currant Stories

In search of the successful Syrah
Intensely savory, with the blue fruit almost incidental to an impressive dose of texture and tannin. Violets, fine-ground pepper, cardamom, an appealing touch of new wood. California Syrah at its best. 2010 Ledge Adams Ranch Vineyard Paso Robles Syrah ... San Francisco Chronicle [ story ]

Revving up organic growth naturally
Depending on the flavor, Torie & Howard uses colored red cabbage, purple carrot, black carrot, black currant, apple and annatto for its natural dyes. With only 12 calories per candy, she says candy lovers can eat guilt-free. "Consumers tend to want ... Candy Industry [ story ]

What To Drink Now: California Pinot Noir
Donum West Slope Carneros Pinot Noir is driven by complex Roederer selection fruit, a hallmark of Donum, with layers of black fruit and sweet baking spice mingled with earthy notes, a wine that will age nicely for many years, continuing to develop over ... D Magazine [ story ]

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