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Other Names

Chaparral Berry

Buffaloberry Facts

Buffaloberry is any of three species in the genus Shepherdia, Shepherdia argentea or Silver Buffaloberry, Shepherdia canadensis or Canada Buffaloberry, and Shepherdia rotundifolia or Round Leaf Buffaloberry. Buffaloberry is known by several other common names, including Bullberry, Chaparral Berry, Rabbitberry, Silverleaf, Soapberry, and Soopolallie. Buffaloberries are fairly easy to recognize, they are dark red round berries with small white spots on them.

Buffaloberry Farms

It may be possible to find any buffaloberry farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Buffaloberry Stories

Wyoming outdoors: Time is ripe to pick buffaloberries
I have been eyeing the heavily laden buffaloberry bushes along the Bighorn and Tongue rivers. While picking buffaloberries may not be the most fun item on my proposed list of recreational activities for this weekend, there are some practical aspects I ... Billings Gazette [ story ]

Raising Money through the Buffalo Berry
So in order to raise some awareness about the berry, Bravehearts for Kids, a non-profit pediatric cancer charity hosted a kickoff for the Buffalo Berry festival Saturday at Sertoma Park. Organizers say they're hoping to make the festival an annual ... KFYR-TV [ story ]

Wyoming outdoors: Suffering cold weather pays off for Bighorn angler
I found a grove of buffaloberry bushes that seemed to cut the wind substantially so I started to unload the lunch gear from the boat. As I was about to lug up a cooler, my angler yelled that he had a fish on. I put the cooler down and grabbed my ... Billings Gazette [ story ]

Photo - Bear Smart Durango - Durango, Colorado

Selected Species

Canada Buffaloberry
Round Leaf Buffaloberry
Silver Buffaloberry

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