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Blue Honeysuckle

Blue Honeysuckle

Other Names

Edible Honeysuckle
Swamp Fly Honeysuckle
Sweet Berry Honeysuckle
Sweetberry Honeysuckle

Blue Honeysuckle Facts

Blue Honeysuckle, and Blue-berried Honeysuckle are other common names for Lonicera caerulea, more widely known worldwide as Haskap. Lonicera caerulea is also known by many different common names, mostly regional in use, including Edible Honeysuckle, Honeyberry, Sweet Berry Honeysuckle, and Swamp Fly Honeysuckle.

Blue Honeysuckle Farms

It may be possible to find any blue honeysuckle farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Blue Honeysuckle Stories

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PEI farm offers up a mean mead among other products
They started off growing haskap berries and lavender. Both crops take three to four years to reach the harvesting stage. Now with those years behind them, the Lipnickis are using dehydrated haskap berries to make jam and an antioxidant powder. Atlantic Farm Focus [ story ]

Northern berries now in grocery stores
“We have the haskap and the aronia, they are known for their anti-oxidant value. Of course everyone is looking for that these days. The Saskatoon berries are really high in vitamins and minerals. There have been studies that show it can actually ... [ story ]

Photo - Scott and Stewart Forestry Consultants - Antigonish County, Nova Scotia, Canada
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