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Blue Currant

Blue Currant

Other Names

Skunk Currant
Stink Currant

Blue Currant Facts

The binomial name for Blue Currant is Ribes bracteosum. Also known by other common names, including California Black Currant, Greyberry, Skunk Currant, and especially Stink Currant.

Blue Currant Farms

It may be possible to find any blue currant farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Blue Currant Stories

Currant events: Ribes fill the garden with birds, blooms
It's a valuable habitat plant, especially beloved by birds for its conspicuous red berries (though not tasty for humans). In spring, plants sprout masses of charming, flared, 1-inch tubular soft pink flowers. Ribes viburnifolium, Catalina currant, is a ... San Francisco Chronicle [ story ]

Farmers test growing unusual berries
Gesturing towards arronia bread, frosty currant juice, and chocolate-chip oatmeal saskatoon cookies that pack a little tart with the sweet, she said that keeping an open mind will help us expand our palates and the options at our local grocery stores ... [ story ]

Its aromatic spectrum on the nose provides the taster with a cornucopia of fruits such as black currant, boysenberry, cherry, cranberry, plum and raspberry jam. Spice components can be identified and often cocoa, nutmeg, truffle, clove and licorice is ... [ story ]

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