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Balaton Cherry

Balaton Cherry

Balaton Cherry Facts

Balaton Cherry, Prunus cerasus 'Balaton', is a cultivar of Sour Cherry.

Balaton Cherry Farms

It may be possible to find any balaton cherry farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Balaton Cherry Stories

Tart cherries add flair to food
As American as cherry pie! Move aside, apples. A trip to northwest Michigan's cherry country gave me a new appreciation for the taste and health benefits of this delicious red fruit, especially tart cherries. Also known as sour cherries, tart cherries ... The Desert Sun [ story ]

Sour cherry yogurt scones with cardamom honey butter
Last time Joshua was in town he picked up the most wonderful cherries. The last of the season. I made this chocolate tart with balsamic stewed cherries, which was also decadent, but I still had some left over. I froze the cherries to preserve them ... Christian Science Monitor [ story ]

Tartness puts these cherries on top
While sweet cherries are nutritious and delicious, the health-promoting power of tart cherries is linked to heart health, relief of joint and muscle pain, exercise recovery and even prevention of insomnia. “The deep-red pigment in tart cherries ... Richmond Times Dispatch [ story ]

Photo - Adams County Nursery - Aspers, Pennsylvania

Other Sour Cherry Cultivars

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