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Asiatic Bittersweet

Asiatic Bittersweet

Other Names

Asian Bittersweet
Chinese Bittersweet
Climbing Spindleberry
Oriental Bittersweet
Round Leaved Bittersweet

Asiatic Bittersweet Facts

Asiatic Bittersweet is another name for Oriental Bittersweet. The binomial name for Oriental Bittersweet is Celastrus orbiculatus. Also known as Asian Bittersweet, Chinese Bittersweet, Climbing Spindleberry, and Round Leaved Bittersweet.

Asiatic Bittersweet Farms

It may be possible to find any asiatic bittersweet farms near your location. We have built a map that will show all of the berry farms in our directory!

Asiatic Bittersweet Stories

The Addicted Gardener: Garden friends are the best
Most problematic are Oriental bittersweet and black swallowwort. The bittersweet strangles trees and smothers under-story plants, while the black swallowwort plants spell death for Monarch butterfly larvae. For excellent photos and descriptors of these ... Wicked Local Westwood [ story ]

DNR and volunteers team up for natural resource stewardship
“This is Oriental bittersweet, and it's becoming a problem here,” she said, holding the plant. Imported from East Asia for its bright red ornamental fruit, Oriental bittersweet has now taken hold in fields and forests across Michigan, climbing and ... The Daily Tribune [ story ]

Work begins to rid invasive plants from Harrington Park garden
... Long Valley resident Daniel Ross and five other members of the Environmental Commission and the Green Team took to a plot of land in Harrington Park off Rock Road and slaughtered rows and rows of Russian Olive, Oriental Bittersweet and other ... New Jersey Hills [ story ]

Photo - Boyd Nursery - McMinnville, Tennessee

Other Species

American Bittersweet

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